Is Iran Safe?

Is Iran Safe?

I know no country on earth that is safe. Do you? If someone is really looking for trouble, s/he doesn't need to travel anywhere. Unsafe and dangerous places can be everywhere. It can be in your own country but you don't go to those dangerous places you know or heard and read unsafe to be – do you? – not unless you are really looking for trouble. You get the point? It's "common sense" right?

Iran is one of those ideal and safest tourist destinations in the world 

Here is why. Food, you name it! Iranian food is among the most delicious delicacies in the Middle East if not in the world, my daughter's favorite and mouth-watering Kebab koobedeh is one. People, Iranian people are well-known for their unique style of hospitality and their charming beauty and talent is famous around the world. Attractions, Iran is one of the best tourist destination in the world as it is full of wonders both natural and man-made attractions and rich in culture and arts that attracts million of tourist yearly – thanks to its old Persian civilization:

Isfahan known as half of the world in terms of beauty and Persepolis Palace famous for its grandeur, power and glorious past of the Persian empire and civilization. Yazd city famous for its "Wind Catcher", ancient water canal or qanat, preserved ancient scenic village with twisting turns of small alleys and famous sweet that made it the diabetes capital of Iran jokingly said by one of the travelers. Kashan is home to one of Iran's famous Fin Garden. Alisadr Cave one of the most breath-taking cave in the world located in the old and famous Hamedan city where the Ganjnameh of Xerxes the great is also located and home to the father of medicine Ibn Sina also known as Avicenna to the western world and one of my favorites the do-bayti poet Baba Tahir Hamedani. Example of his do-bayti says:

"Ze daste didi o del, har do faryad
ke har chi didi binad, del konad yad 
Besazam khanjere nishash ze foolad,
zadam bar dide ta del gardad azad"

My translation: I should cry over my hearth and eyes all they see (eyes) they want (heart)
will make a poisonos sword to chap my eyes in order to free my heart (soul). 

Iran is one among the riches countries in human history and civilizations in terms of power, wealth with glorious past. Even today in our time Iran dominates world news and headlines, she is one or among the nations that most envied country in the Middle East or I should say in the world.

As a Filipino and a foreigner living and working in Iran for nearly two decades now, I must say I love Iran. One of its unique characteristic is her climate and weather conditions. Iran is a four seasons country in the Middle East, my daughter love snow and she enjoyed the whole winter both indoor and outdoor. We usually travel to the northern part of Iran every year at the beginning of spring time around 21 March or 1st of the Iranian month called Farvardin. We also enjoy summer like those of many Iranians and foreigners alike.

We always drive to the north of Iran at least five times and visit places like Javaherdeh village a mountain village over the cloud located in Ramsar. We travel to many places in Iran too with the other Filipinos together with their Iranian families and friends.Usually taking advantage of our one day tour.

Autumn is my favorite season in Iran. It is a kind of weather condition that I have not experience in my whole life back in the Philippine. It’s a kind of nostalgic weather to me. Every time autumn comes, I remember the very moment I arrive Iran for the first time. I can still feel the breeze, scene of flowers, the breakfast I had, the people I met, the place I visited for the first time like Tehran and its Mehr Abad then international airport, Azadi square and its beautiful unique design and architecture, Hamedan, (a.k.a. Hekmatane in the old days) and Qazvin (used to be one of the ancient capital of Persian Empire during the Safavid rule).

When I was studying at the Imam Khomeini International University. I used to participate in the yearly cultural tour organized by the Iran Ministry of Science and Technology for all foriegn students in Iran with the aim to promote Iran's cultural heritages as part of our scholarship – all inclusive for free. It is in this tour that I have come to see Iran's big and beautiful cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, Rasht, Bandar Anzali, Mashhad, Hamedan, Bandar Abbas, and many more. Iran's tourist attraction such as Nagh-she Jahan in Isfahan, Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (as) in Mashhad, GanjNameh of Xerses in Hamedan, Persipolis in Shiraz, and a lot more.

Yes, Iran is clean and one of the safest country on earth!

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