Visiting Iran in July

Iran Tour in July

Long summer days are start in July but Iran is a vast country with different climates. Meaning cooler destinations like Hamedan or Kurdistan could be your summer escape.

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Tehran, known as the city of museums and monuments from Qajarid dynasty, visit the roofed national jewelries museum, Iran’s carpet museum, Tehran contemporary art museum and ancient Iran museum are some examples of museums offer priceless pieces in the city. Or visit the king’s palaces surrounded with trees and beautiful flowers like Golestan palace and Saadabad palace or dine in one of the restaurants of Milad Tower. Enjoy birds-eye view of the whole city of Tehran.

Visit Hamedan the ancient summer capital of kings of Persia, read the orders given by king Darius and Khashayar-shah kings of Achaemenian era, 550 B.C. Learn from the ancient writing that demands to worship the holy “Ahura-Mazda” – the only creator of the universe according to the ancient Persian faith the Zoroastrian. Acknowledge their power, prestige and wealth as they are introducing themselves as the king of Iran and the whole world in ancient Persian language.

Visit Ali-Sadr cave near Hamedan believed to be inhabited by the first men. Explore the cave using boats that will tour you to the heart of the cave where the water is 14 meters deep and you can see limestone and mineral stones in many stunning forms like elephant, crocodile, eagles and more.

Visit another Iran’s ancient city and world heritage the Takht-e- Suleiman located in the west Azerbaijan province home to ancient people in different historical eras Maad, Achaemenian, Ashkanid, Sassanid, and Moguls. See the boiling lake in the area while appreciating the ruins of monuments from Sassanid and Mogul’s era.

Enjoy green heaven – visit Kelardasht a city in Mazandaran province. Enjoy and feel like a new born by walking in the vast green jungles and breathing fresh air. Ride paragliders or ride horses if available.

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