Before You Go!

Prior to your travel to Iran make sure you check your own government travel advisory regarding Iran. Usually posted by the ministry of foreign affairs and embassies.

Having said that, you may also check Iran local news because more often main stream media are bias in their report of events when it comes to Iran.

Finally use your own discretion and intuition or common sense. Decide what is best for you and your family & friends.

Whenever you see it fit to travel we are here to help you to get around Iran with ease. We can help you with your Iran visa, Iran affordable hotels and other lodging properties from standard to luxury hotels.

You can always choose to purchase the ready-made, tailored Iran tour packages or the individual components such visa, accommodation, ticket, travel insurance+.

And the payment mode will always be cashless or otherwise circumstances dictates.

The good news is Naufar Ganih is a Filipino who have already experienced and got the necessary contact, advantages – enable him to answers to those questions such as payment arrangement when it comes to paying for your expenses while or before traveling to Iran.

I remember our Malaysian group of more than ten people traveling from Kuala Lumpur all the way to Iran. All was set, the plan has been coordinated among themselves including the budget that means they have enough money to cover their expenses abroad but the problem to whom they should entrust the whole plan?

To make the story short, according to one of the traveler when I asked him “how did you find us?” his reply was “after taking to many travel agencies we finally found one there was person – one of their members was so confident and gave us all the details and prices so quick.”

That person was Prema whom I met at the Arab Travel Market (ATM) Dubai is the same person working in a travel agency handling our Iranian tourist in Malaysia. The point I want to make here that Ms.Prema and has already has established connection. That renowned event I think that was enough to establish deeper trust between us.

So when the group approached her she knows exactly what to do. And since we have been doing business together the closing was quick and beneficial to all specially the worried clients.

The bottom line is that the payment is completely cashless or you have to do is to decide which payment mode you’re comfortable with and we will guide you how to finalized to your trip to Iran.

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