4 plus more places to know about when visiting Iran in May

What kind of activities I can do or what places to visit in Iran in May 2024?

Many of you have the same question as much as I do – like what I can do or what places to visit in Iran in May 2024?


I will take my family to tour Tehran once more, because there’s a lot more places I haven’t visited yet – after all these years living in Tehran. It is true Tehran is known as the city of museums and monuments from Qajarid dynasty and Phalavi era. But just a lazy walk in the old street of Valiasr or, enjoying taking photos in front of ‘Bagh-e Melli’ National Garden also known as Parade Square ‘Meydan-e Rizhe, is more than enough to get refreshed said Naufar Ganih a Filipino married to an Iranian who have been living in the country, for years now.

You can visit roofed museum such as national jewelries museum, Iran’s carpet museum, Tehran contemporary art museum and ancient Iran museum are some examples of museums offers priceless pieces in the city.


So what else to do in May while in Iran? The answer is Golabgiri (rosewater extracting process). Golabgiri is a thousand of years old process of extracting rose water for many purposes in Iran. It is a festival held in some cities like Kashan, Lalehzar (near Kerman) and Meimand (near Shiraz). The finished product fragrant-liquid is use in making traditional sweets, like shole zard,ice-creams and syrups to flavor drinks. And Ka’aba the holy city among Muslim is washed using rose water from Iran. French buy rose water for their cosmetic product such as perfumes.


Isfahan used to be the strong hold of the Safavid kings 400 year ago, ruled Iran and chose Isfahan as their capital for some decades and builders of the splendor and registered world heritage Naqsh-e-jahan or Royal square, surrounded with two beautiful mosques, bazar and the great Aliqapoo palace.

Ramsar plus

Northern cities like Ramsar, Rasht, and Lahijan has a pleasant humidity and nice spring rain and a cool spring breeze blows at nights – You can start your trip from Tehran, then choose of these two options: 1. Tehran-Karaj-Chalus-Ramsar-Lahijan-Rasht-Tehran. 2. Tehran-Karaj (or without it) – Qhazvin (optional) – Rasht-Lahijan-Rash-Chalus-Tehran.

The month of May is where the warm and cold season meets between October to May – (from cold to warm) then May to October – (warm to cold) season.

Places to visit in Warm May

During May warm weather is ideal to do cultural and historical tours. Recommended places to go are:

  • Tehran
  • Kashan
  • Isfahan
  • Shiraz

Places to visit in Cold May

May cold weather is ideal to do cultural and adventure tours. Recommended places to go are:

  • Tehran
  • Shiraz
  • Yazd
  • Kerman
  • Abyane
  • Shiraz

Tour Activities and Highlight in the cold and warm weather in May but not limited to:

  • Iran National Museum
  • Iran Carpet Musuem
  • Jewelry Museum
  • Isfahan Royal Square
  • Aliqapoo
  • Vank Cathedral
  • Golabgiri feast

Tour Essential COLD day/nigh in May

  • Warm clothing
  • Jacket
  • Rubber shoes
  • Camera/Cellphone

Tour Essential WARM day/nigh in May

  • Light clothing
  • Jacket
  • Rubber shoes
  • Camera/Cellphone

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