Welcome to Iran

Iran national gardenWelcome to Iran!

A country in the Middle of the East or simply “The Middle East region”. That is, the most important region in the world. It is the source of oil and gas, the birth place of today’s world famous religion such Christianity and Islam.

Iran is a country full of beauties – every corner of this vast country has its own beauty. It is a fourfold country – greend paradise to the north, priceless gem to the south, and cultural rich to the west and east that carries today’s knowledge from science and medicine to arts.

Iran is completely opposite of what we see and hear in the media around the world. Iran is one of the most popular countries. The Iranians are the most hospitable people on earth. Their buildings are superb that comes with unique and adorable architectures features. Iran cities are the most vibrant of its kind and even the deserts of this country have a mystical and special atmosphere. There are many ancient sites in Iran that have been registered or listed as among the UNESCO’s most important.

Travel to Iran, see the one and only country on earth which has the complete four seasons in one. In summer, the weather can be cool in one part as well as warm in the other area, and in the cold winters, it can be mild -this means that at any time of the year, you can see different weather in a city of Iran and as if you are in your favorite season. In the winter, there are cities in Iran that have summer weather like Lut desert for example, that comes with spring and autumn smells.

Iran is a safe country, she is one of the safest country if not the safest on earth. Do you know a country on earth that is safe? If someone is really looking for trouble, s/he doesn’t need to travel anywhere. Unsafe and dangerous places can be everywhere. It could be in your own country.

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