Iran in Cold Season

a visit to iran in February

Iran Cold Weather

Iran as a big country it has a variable climate throughout the year. It is however considered warm season from May to October and cold season from October to May. In summer, from May to August the weather can be experienced cool as well as warm in different part of Iran. Also, very high temperatures can be experienced in southern cities like Ahvaz and Bandar Abbas with high humidity. While other areas are dry and hot, in August the highest temperature has been recorded in Lut desert. Fall from October to November are relatively mild and in the cold winters, from December to February it can be mild. However, Tehran’s northern part like Dizin and Shimshak known as the skiing capital in the Middle East and the northwest of Iran, winters are cold with heavy snowfall and subfreezing temperatures from December to January. Northern cities and area along the Caspian coast like Ramsar for example has a very different climate, here rainfall is heaviest from late summer to mid winter but falls throughout the year including spring season from March to May.


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