Five Highlights Why Kashan Worth Sightseeing

What makes Kashan so unique amongst Iran popular destination? Let’s find out why.

1. Easy access to Kashan

Kashan is county part of Isfahan province. That is, it is a small city that usually part of our tour package between Tehran and Isfahan due to its proximity close to both cities. It is a city famous for its luxury traditional, historical houses of the wealthy merchants. My favorite is the traditional houses of Tabatabaei and Borujerdi houses to name a few- they are not just beautiful but the love story behind these two houses will amazes more as it did to me and others.

The city can be easily accessed for a full-day tour including breakfast and lunch from Tehran or Isfahan or from Qom. Departing from Tehran as early as 4am and return about 6pm. That’s what we normally do with our local clients. But unfortunately during COVID-19 local tour activities has been temporarily relaxed by the related authorities until further notice.

2. Did you know world famous products came from Kashan?

Among the famous and luxury, beautiful Persian carpet are made from this amazing city dated many, many centuries back. Natural flora attracted local tourist to Kashan every year from April to May – on this period the heavenly scent of Gol-e Mohammadi or Mohammadi flower spreading everywhere. Your favorite brand of perfume could be from Kashan.

The extracted product such as roseoil and the famous one called rosewater is exported around the world mainly France and other neighboring countries. Guess what? Ka’ba the Muslim holy city is wash with rosewater from Iran. Many Iranian delicious dessert are being served or made with rosewater e.g. ice cream, and sholizard or sweeten-rice stew cook with safron served hot or cold with cinnamon and greeted pistachio.

3. Fin Garden the beautiful crime scene is in Kashan

Other made-attraction that has become the world-wide image of this lovely city is the Safavid Era Fin Garden – a beautiful garden with mysterious past – it’s like a garden of heaven with a devil. The famous story of the renown King’s viceroy Amir Kabir assassination was one of a kind and took place inthe very same garden inside a bathhouse turned museum within the Garden.

Other ancient archeological sites had been found in the city that are being preserved and open to public called Sialk aged thousand of years back.

4. Kashan is ideal for circle and spike trip

For international tourist with limited time and budget we do it circle tour. Circle tour starts and end on the same point of embarkation – let say from Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz and back to Tehran. This is kind of tour has some advantage compared to other itinerary because tourist can leave their unnecessary burden of baggage in Tehran at the hotel safe storage room and just enjoy the whole journey with ease.

Spike trip also can be done involving or combining 3 or more close distances cities. The tour has a center point – e.g. 1.) Tehran – Hamedan – Tehran 2.) Tehran – Kashan – Tehran 3.) Tehran – Ghazvin – Tehran etc.

Truly worth spending your hard-earn money in this kind of tours – the key is timing and proper planning!

5. Visit Kashan in Spring mid April and early May

We recommend visiting Kashan between the month of April and May to enjoy the Golabgiri festival and nice weather to visit the Fin Garden and the those beautiful traditional houses. Kashan is also ideal to visit in autumn.

Just in case you are planning to visit Iran in the post-covid-19. Make sure to have a tentative itinerary planning with us. E.g. Tell us what city you want to pay a visit, what to buy, what is your diet preference – let us know if you are a vegetarian or not. In that case we can plan things together in advance – like how much cash you should bring with you etc.

Due to sanction on Iran we do suggest to bring cash with you – credit cards are not accepted here though some big Iranian carpet sellers may allow you to pay them using your international card but we do not suggest that because situation is constantly changing, we do not suggest to bring a lot money either.

The key is planning together prior to your trip to Iran.

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