Iran Internal Flights

Iran internal flights

Iran is open to the world again! April 13, 2024

Passengers are strongly advised to visit government websites for updated information regarding international travel restrictions and the country of destinations.

As of 01 December 2020 tourist and pilgrims are not allowed to enter Iran. Except for those who are permitted by the related authorities otherwise. Iran visa requests are NOT currently being processed until further notice.

If you are planning to visit Iran with some friends at the end of March or during Nowruz. It can get more busy and slightly expensive to travel in Iran, but if you only have availability for those dates to travel, that would be a nice and unique experience to be here during those dates too.

However, your only concern, (not to mention travel restrictions emplaced due to the covid-19) should not only be your transport because hotel accommodation are mostly fully booked. Yes, even during the pandemic it could be crowded because Iranian loves to travel more than any people on earth. Specially now after almost a year being restricted. It could be so wild if not so crowded.

So if the schedule you have is quite tight, and you want to arrive to let say Persepolis in about a week or first week of march (before Nowruz), so you must be thinking to book some internal flights. For example from Tehran to Shiraz on 24-March (2nd of Farvardin) it’s really crowded.

The other challenges for tourist coming to Iran is not possible to book flights outside Iran, and that is only possible to do it once in the country. And as stated, it’s really crowded and most of Iran local flights are fully booked. That was before the Pandemic. Now it is even harder the answer you already know – international travel restrictions are still being enforced. Effective vaccine is the only game-changer here!

Before the Coronavirus Pandemic the above concern can be handle easily through a local travel agency in Iran like Jaziresafar Travel. We can still book your hotel, transports and sight-seeing in advance all hassle-free but with strict observance of health protocol by the local and related authority – be it before your arrival to Imam Khomeini International Airport, inside taxi, restaurant, bus, museum and many other things.

The length of time to process your request also has been changed. Before it was about three to four weeks before Nowruz. Now, the time of every request has been extended somehow – it depends on what type of business you want to do because staffs are reporting in odds number system.

Always be reminded: All passengers coming to Imam Khomeini international Airport from July 2020 must have proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test not more than 96 hours before boarding their flight to the Imam Khomeini international Airport.

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The above post was inspired by the question posted by Alberto Juanson on FB group.
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