Iran in Warm Season

Iran Yazd ancient city

Iran Warm Weather

Iran best cities to visit in warm season from May to October are Tehran-Kashan-Isfahan-Yazd-Shiraz-Kerman.

Cities are full of fresh flowers and roads are beautiful. Tehran, Kashan and Isfahan are full of nice aroma coming from the scent of orange blossoms spread all over the city in old alleys, gardens and even crowded streets.
The capital city Tehran, also known as the city of museums and monuments from Qajarid dynasty, such as national jewelries museum, Iran’s carpet museum, Tehran contemporary art museum and ancient Iran museum are some examples of museums offers priceless pieces in the Iranian capital.

Isfahan also known as “nisbe-jahan” or ” half of the world in terms of beauty, is also used to be the strong hold of the Safavid kings 400 year ago, ruled Iran and chose Isfahan as their capital for some decades and builders of the splendor and registered world heritage Naqsh-e-jahan or Royal square, surrounded with two beautiful mosques, bazar and the great Aliqapoo palace. Spending days in this beautiful city will take you to the most interesting cultural and social attractions you could never imagine.


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