Iran Weather Averages and Climate

Iran as a big country it has a variable climate throughout the year. It is however considered warm season from May to October and cold season from October to May. In summer, from May to August the weather can be experienced cool as well as warm in different part of Iran. Also, very high temperatures can be experienced in southern cities like Ahvaz and Bandar Abbas with high humidity. While other areas are dry and hot, in August the highest temperature has been recorded in Lut desert. Fall from October to November are relatively mild and in the cold winters, from December to February it can be mild. However, Tehran’s northern part like Dizin and Shimshak known as the skiing capital in the Middle East and the northwest of Iran, winters are cold with heavy snowfall and subfreezing temperatures from December to January. Northern cities and area along the Caspian coast like Ramsar for example has a very different climate, here rainfall is heaviest from late summer to mid winter but falls throughout the year including spring season from March to May.

Have a quick look of Iran’s warm and cold season highlights and activities

Iran in Cold Season

Starting November in Iran is all about stunning autumn views in yellow and red, with milder rain. Less crowds is also a good reason to choose November to visit Iran.

December is a great time for taking a break from winter cold if you are living in a cold climate. Iran offers nice beaches and warm sunlight during December while the hotels and roads are not crowded and tours are available at lower costs.

Visiting Iran during Christmas holidays, with a whole different culture, nature and climate is an interesting experience, for sure. You can celebrate your New Year’s Eve in a desert or a traditional hotel with your new Iranian friends. Enjoy and taste winter fruits in Iran like different kinds of citruses, apples and pomegranates.

Spring weather in the middle of winter? Yes, you can experience that in the southern areas of Iran. Snows in Iran create attractive landscapes in the Iran’s main cities and in the roads through the mountains covered with snow that makes it exciting to tour Iran in February.

The month of March is when winter melts down, it’s time to cheer and celebrate in Iran to mark the return of the beautiful spring season. Iranians love this month and everything goes active and alive. People of Iran get ready for the Nowruz on March 20 or 21 and prepare for their long-waited family-trips. The whole natures of Iran become amazingly breathtaking! Some traditional feasts are held on the days before Nowruz that are so interesting to experience.

Wow Iran spring rain. Cities like Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan and Shiraz have the most amazing weather in April. Northern cities like Ramsar, Rasht, Lahijan have a great weather in April with low humidity and nice spring rain.

Iran Warm Season

Starting month of May

Iran best cities to visit in warm season from May to October are Tehran-Kashan-Isfahan-Yazd-Shiraz-Kerman.

Cities are full of fresh flowers and roads are beautiful. Tehran, Kashan and Isfahan are full of nice aroma coming from the scent of orange blossoms spread all over the city in old alleys, gardens and even crowded streets.

Tehran, known as the city of museums and monuments from Qajarid dynasty, such as national jewelries museum, Iran’s carpet museum, Tehran contemporary art museum and ancient Iran museum are some examples of museums offers priceless pieces in the city.

Isfahan used to be the strong hold of the Safavid kings 400 year ago, ruled Iran and chose Isfahan as their capital for some decades and builders of the splendor and registered world heritage Naqsh-e-jahan or Royal square, surrounded with two beautiful mosques, bazar and the great Aliqapoo palace.

Spending days in this beautiful city will take you to the most interesting cultural and social attractions you could never imagine.
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Month of June
You can enjoy the less crowded tourism attractions in June. Take advantage of offers and low cost tours to the cool areas of Iran in June.
Visit Maouleh village, climb the thousand steps Ghalerodkhan castle in Fuman County or visit Ramsar known as the shahre arous (city of bride) for its natural beauty.See the village above the cloud called Javaher-deh meaning “Village of Jewels”.
Month of July
Long summer days are start in July but Iran is a vast country with different climates. Meaning cooler destinations like Hamedan or Kurdistan could be your summer escape.

Iran best place in July Tehran-Hamedan-Masouleh and Kelardasht

Month of August

Green heaven retreat- visit Kelardasht a city in Mazandaran province. Enjoy and feel like a new born by walking in the vast green jungles and breathing fresh air. Ride paragliders or ride horses if available.

Visit the beautiful stair village of Masouleh where houses are built in the form of stairs, which means that a house’s roof is the ground yard of another house above it.

Month of September

The weather conditions in cities like Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz is falling to about 30° Enjoy less crowded attractions as the month of September is back to school month.

Month of October

Summer vacations has ended.  The weather in October is suitable for visiting unroofed cultural and historical monuments around Iran.

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