ABOUT Isfahan

Isfahan is the capital of Isfahan Province, Abyane for example is under Isfahan and it was the capital of Iran during the Safavid Kings, the local people of Iran proudly call it “Nesf-e Jahan”, meaning “Half The World” referring to the unique beauty of their city.

Isfahan is known for its architectural beauty with impressive historical back ground. The city is about 6 hours drive from Tehran passing through the city of Qom also known as the city of knowledge and it is about 580 km south of Tehran. It is considered by both international and local tourist to be among the most beautiful and, most visited cities around the world. It is used to be the capital of ancient Persia of the Safavid ruler from the year 1598 until 1722.

The city of Isfahan is famous for its fine carpets and silver filigree championed by local craftsmanship handed down from generation to generations. Today textile and steel industry has become a new source of income and pride of this city as well.

Its unique architectural wonders and Islamic arts, its long boulevards covered with old trees is relaxing specially in the summer and make it one of the Isfahan city tour highlights.

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