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Tehran tours

Bagh-e-melli Tehran or formerly parade square

Tehran tours and itinerary highlights.


Tehran known as the city of museum from the Qajarid and Pahlavi dynasty.Walk in the old street and enjoy a photo in front of Parade square also known as National garden.
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Tehran tours


itinerary highlights

Golestan Palace


Golestan Palace | Carpet musuem | Jewelry museum | Tehran bazar

Visit the world heritage Golestan palace. Gaze at priceless heritage of Persian monarchy. Shop with the crowd in one of Tehran's old bazar.

Tehran city tour


Tabiat bridge | Azadi tower | Milad tower | National garden or Parade square 

Visit the famous landmarks the Azadi Tower, a memorial built during the Pahlavi period, and the Milad Tower, the world's 17th tallest freestanding structure, which was built in 2007. Tabiat Bridge, which is one of the contemporary symbols of the city. Visit the historic Bagh-e-melli used to be a military shooting range during the Qajar period.

Jamaran tour TC03 Jamaran Hussainiya | Niavaran Palace | Mausoleum of Ruhollah Khomeini (ra)



Visit Jamaran Hussainiya where the residence of Ayatollah Khomeini is located near Niavaran Palace where you can compare the simplicity and luxury. Visit Behesht-e Zahra meaning the paradise of Zahra that houses the tomb of the great founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran

  • Inclusion: Hotel with breakfast, transfers, group guide, day tour TC01 or TC02 or TC03 or both and all entrances fee as in itinerary.
  • Important notes: Tour programs based on normal condition, changes in time table, itineraries are possible before and during the tour.

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