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Some Available Mashhad tours and itinerary highlights.

Mashhad known as the holiest city in Iran. Home to the eighth Shi’ite Imam Ali Bin Moosa Al Reza (as) holy shrine, the great grand son of Imam Ali (as) who was the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Mohammad (saw)  Book Now

Holy Shrine Tour MC01: Priced from 580 USD

Imam Reza (as) Shrine, Nadershah tomb, Ferdowsi tomb, Toos, Haroonieh

Holy Shrine Tour Highlights: Visit one of the Shi’ite holy places and join thousands of pilgrims from every walks of life to the tomb of Ferdowsi, the renowned Persian epic poet and more.

Neishabour Tour MC02: Priced from 580 USD

Attar tomb, Khayyam tomb, Kamal Almolk tomb,  Caravanserai

Neishabour Tour Highlights: Visit Visit Tomb of Attar, Khayyam and Kamal Almolk in Neishabour and more.

Tour Inclusions: 

  • Inclusion: Hotel with breakfast, transfers, group guide, day tour M01 or MC02 or mixed and all entrances fee as in itinerary.
  • Important notes: Tour programs based on normal condition, changes in time table, itineraries are possible before and during the tour.

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