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7 things to do in Kashan

1. ‘Golabgiri’ rosewater extracting process

Golabgiri is a thousand of years old process of extracting rose water for many purposes in Iran. It is a festival held in some cities like Kashan, Lalehzar (near Kerman) and Meimand (near Shiraz). The finished product fragrant-liquid is use in making traditional sweets, like shole zard,ice-creams and syrups to flavor drinks. And Ka’aba the holy city among Muslim is washed using rose water from Iran. French buy rose water for their cosmetic product such as perfumes.

2. Luxury Traditional Houses

Visit as many as much as you can the luxury traditional, historical houses of the wealthy merchants. My favorite is Tabatabaei and Borujerdi houses. Discover the jealousy among them that bring about this magnificent houses which the beauty and architectural features made us jealous today. Imagine how wealthy were those people that live life like king.

3. Unearth the mystery in Fin Garden

Fin Garden where a crime scene can be found recreated in wax – sad and exciting story of Amir Kabir unfolded before your very eyes. But that is not the Fin Garden is all about – its about Iranian and human brilliancy will be unleashed to you – watching the mirror like natural spring watering the garden by itself. Long standing tree shades you from the harm of excessive sunlight in a hot summer day. Different kind of flowers entertaining your eyes endlessly. Building with colorful works of art, windows with hidden messages and psychological effects so inviting delicious to our eyes that makes us ponder for a moment – is is truly a manifestation of heaven on earth?

4. Kashan carpets

Carpet is one of the pride of this wonderful city. It is one of the most beautiful design in the whole Iran if not in the world. The rest you should see them with your own eyes.

5. Ancient Sialk Hill in Kashan

Ancient archeological sites also can be found in the city that are being preserved and open to public.

6. Food and Drinks in Kashan

Food and drinks – no matter what happen you will have after all but make sure you order the local delicacies.

7. Kashan Rosewater

Do not forget to buy rosewater – its just a polite reminder though but you won’t regret it. Kashan is usually part of our tour package between Tehran and Isfahan due to its proximity close to both cities.


The Jame Mosque of Kashan , Abu Zaid Abad Desert and of course the famous Abyaneh village in Natanz area.

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