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Visit2Iran.Com is running under JazireSafar Travel a type B and A travel agency licensed to conduct and organize inbound and outbound tour based in Tehran. It is own and run by its Chairman a Filipino and his Iranian spouse.

Frequently asked questions by many of my countrymen directed to me – how is Iran under COVID-19? Some asking are the Iran borders open to tourist now? Are tourist permitted to enter Iran during Corona Virus Pandemic? Some are saying, my brother is in Dubai now – can he come to Iran instead of going back to the Philippine? These and a lot more concerns, messages and question coming through my facebook messenger, whatsapp or phone calls.

To address those questions here, the straight forward answer is the visa matter. IRAN VISA requests are not being processed as of this writing. (This is now has change as of 20April2022 you can now apply your Iran visa)

Philippine used to be one of those countries in the list of which its nationals can enter Iran with Visa On Arrival (VOA) but due to COVID-19 Pandemic only those who are residence of the Iran or holder of diplomatic passports allowed to enter Iran.

Borders across the country remain closed for tourist except for cargos or those fall under the list of approved by the pertaining authority. This also has changed already.

Nevertheless, I hope the Corona Virus Pandemic will be contained as soon as possible given the news circulating almost everyday saying mass-production of vaccine is underway. (This is also has change as Iran and the world is now again back to Normal)

There’s some movement of traveling underway in which is something Iran tourism can hope for, or we (the travel agencies) in the travel sector and the travelers alike compared to nine or ten months ago. In fact our latest trip this year 2022 was in March to Chabahar.

What the savvy and the first-time travelers can do in Iran now under COVID-19 Pandemic? I think is to look and act beyond exploring the new normal rather just to reflect and be optimistic about life. Because we cannot all – not to travel. In fact local tourism in Iran now – is opening up to local travelers as seen in many popular Iranian tourist destinations.

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Having said that, please take note, non-tourism activity or movements from city to city is still ban or forbidden by the local appropriate Iranian authorities – it is being enforced in every city entrances by the local traffic police around the country. For those caught breaking the order are oblige to pay the penalty amounting over 40,000,000 Rials.

For those Iranian local travelers who were tested positive or newly recovered and are intending to travel locally are required to do PCR test by the Iranian ministry of health which is being enforced by the local airlines and airport authorities across Iran.

Last October 2020 we had a 3-day tour to Shiraz by train cost reasonably about a 100 USD per person (it depends on the itinerary you’re going to choose and the nationality of traveler) that’s after the government announced – they have loosen restriction for those traveling as a tourist – meaning you should have a round trip ticket and a confirmed accommodation voucher issued from those government-approved official tourism facilities to operate. Of course obviously in this case are hotels – not those local villas who are not just paying taxes but has no employees to maintain.

Iran cannot afford to keep her borders closed to international tourism – in fact no country can afford to remain close to outbound and inbound tourism activities either. It is not just bad for economy but also people are really tired and exhausted of being almost confined for twelve months or more, I hope not! – we do really need to travel and breath some fresh air!

As the Iranian tourism Minister pointed, “The tourism ministry has no authority over [people’s plans for] travels and we cannot tell people to travel or not.

Many people travel on their own without using the capacity of tours, which can have its own impacts the virus spread but if trips are carried out through tours and in official accommodation centers that follow all health protocols, they would be safer with lower risks.”

Once more, let me welcome you to the Majestic Iran a country in the Middle East – the most important region on earth. It is the source of oil and gas, and other natural resources the world depends on, it is the birth place of today’s world religion, and of course the battle ground, – it is the arena of power struggle of the ancient and todays superpowers.

Iran is a country full of beauties – every corner of this amazing country has its own beauty. It is a fourfold – seasonal country – greened paradise to the north – if you’ve been to Ramsar you know what meant by greened paradise. Priceless gem to the south – Kish Island is known for, as the a jewel on a king’s crown, and cultural rich to the west – east that carries today’s knowledge from science, medicine to arts, like Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Mashhad.

It depends on what you intend to do during your visit to Iran – she is a country under the sun; some like buying Persian carpets, some are antique collectors, some full-time eater – love to eat and they want to try Iranian food, some have a great appetite for architecture, some adventure in the desert, others in the wild jungle – discovering fauna and flora – whatever your interest is, Iran is completely opposite of what we see and hear as portrays by the main stream media (MSM) around the world. Iran is one of the most popular countries – she is almost in the weekly front page if not daily.

The Iranians are the most hospitable people on earth also considerate but courageous with highly competitive spirit. Their buildings are superb, comes with unique and adorable architectural features of both modern and ancient world heritage. Iran cities as you’ll witnessed hopely are the most vibrant of its kind and even the deserts of this country have a magical, mystical and, special atmosphere. There are many ancient sites in Iran that have been registered or listed as among the UNESCO’s most important and nationally valued priceless.

Pay a visit to Iran, see the one and only country on earth which has the complete four seasons in one. In summer, the weather can be cool in one part as well as warm in the other area, and in the cold winters, it can be mild – this means that at any time of the year, you can see different weather in a city of Iran and as if you are in your favorite season. In winter, there are cities in Iran that have summer weather like Lut desert for example, that comes with spring and autumn smells.

Iran is a safe country, she is one of the safest country if not the safest on earth. Do you know a country on earth that is perfectly safe? If someone is really looking for trouble, s/he doesn’t need to travel anywhere. Unsafe and dangerous places can be everywhere. It could be in my or your own country. The key is common sense.

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