Jewelry Museum of Iran

Collecting, preserving jewels and ornamental gems. During the Safavid period

Until the Safavid period, the Iranian kings did not resort to collecting, preserving jewels and ornamental gems. During the Safavid period, the kings began to buy and collect and preserve existing and purchased jewels by sending ambassadors to neighboring countries.

After the Afghans attacked Iran, some of these jewels were sent to Afghanistan, which, with their rare efforts, was returned to Iran. Nader Shah Afshar sent a number of letters to the King of India to retrieve some of the jewels sent to India, but when he did not receive respond he sent his troops to India. The Indian king give a lot of rate gifts and jewelry back. A lot of the gifts and riches gathered from India never came to Iran. After returning to Iran, Nader provided a portion of the spoils and gifts to the rulers, emirs, and kings of the countries and districts around Iran, giving some of the spoils to the Astan Quds Razavi and other parts to the troops. 

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