A Day In Tochal

Hello guys, I’m Asal with another interesting article about winter fun in Tehran. If you have a question about people in Tehran who live in a bustling, traffic and pollutions what they do in winter.

The Tochal entertainment complex is located in the north of Tehran with having different facilities like Ski lift, Sledge, Bungee jumping, Tochal roof, Ski resort and Tele cabin which can make a wonderful day for you.

What can we do in Tochal?

How tall is the Tochal Mountain?

Is there anything to take us to the ski resort?

Is there any place to stay I Tochal?

Tochal is 3,962 meters that transferring to Tochal is really simple so that you can go there by bus/your own car or taxi.

As I myself personally crazy about mountains and high places first because clean and fresh air, second fantastic view of city, I can say I always go there two or three times a month. Last week I went there with my sister and her friend to be away from the bustle of capital that took us two hours with watching and drinking a cup of hot coffee that caused to write this for you.

I you want to spend a day in Tochal you can start with a mountaineering to station7 (ski resort) or if you do not like to walk after 10 to 15 minutes you reach the bus station to take you near the ski lift/Tele cabin. I have to say Tochal Tele cabin with a length of 7,500 meters is one of the longest Tele in the world.

If you do not want to go up you can stay in Tochal roof and sit in a bench or a coffee to watch the city and I suggest you do that at night with having a cup of tea/coffee to enjoy. There is another way you can ride ski lift to statin2 and eat a Shole Ash (a delicious soup).

Well the best suggestion is wake up early and go for hiking and ride a Tele cabin to station7 to reach the ski resort if you love the winter and snow, and also do not worry about ski equipment or not knowing it, in this place you can rent everything you need and there are some teachers.

There is a hotel to stay at night if you want to experience a different night in your life with a view of Tehran. For people who do not like ski can go and ride a Snowmobile in a winding path to experience real adrenaline among the snow. In Tochal there is a sled that made by a German company with a length of 1,420 meters.

I hope you enjoy this text and if you had a question please do not hesitate to ask me, I will be really happy if I can help. (Don’t forget you need a Visa to enter Iran.)

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