By: A. Rezvani (JSI2322)

Hello everybody, I am Asal and this is my second writing about cities in Iran, actually I am really excited because I want to write about Tabriz, I am originally from Tabriz, also in my opinion Tabriz is one of the best cities in Iran.

Tabriz is the third largest and densely-populated in Iran that the located is in northwestern Iran in Azerbaijan which was the capital of the great Safavid dynasty.

Turks are the second largest nation in Iran, whose characteristics include bigotry, pride and patriotism, also, they are hospitable people, but they don’t like foreigners staying in their city forever because of that they are the most united people in Iran. For example they decided to establish a union for street beggars and now Tabriz is the first city without beggars in Iran. On the other hand they are clean a tidy, you cannot find any garbage in the street.

The customs: Although there are many customs and traditions among the people of Tabriz, such as Bayram Papi, Qabakhlama, but the most important of them is the Azari Dance with especial clothes which you will not feel passages of time.

Food: Meatball Tabrizi is the most original and delicious food in Tabriz, when I travel to Tabriz I always ask my aunt to cook Meatball for me. Then we can mention the Grape leaf Dolma, Kalam Dolma, carrot stew and also Bonab kabab.

If you ever travel to Tabriz don’t lose Yogurt ash or Fruit ash, which serve as a dessert. Noqa, Aris, Qorabie, Baqlava are some of the tasty sweets in Tabriz. Tabriz Roze jam is one of the most especial jam in the world. Generally I love food and I am interested to try new foods/sweets and desserts so I spend a lot of time to read about traditional and new food of different cities.

The weather: Tabriz is surrounded by different mountains that it cause to have dry and cold weather during the year. This city has cold and long winter so that whenever I am in my aunt’s in winter I assume the night will not end, and it has mild summers.

Hotel: To be honest I have never been in hotels in Tabriz since my aunts always were my host, but you can find unique hotels like “Pars hotel, Eel Gully hotel or Tabriz international hotel.

Interesting to know Lale Kandavan hotel Tabriz is considered the third rock hotel in the world.

Handicraft: The most important crafts of Tabriz city are Tabriz Carpet and Leather which the carpets have an international reputation.

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Some unique attractions of TABRIZ

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