Qom, the city of knowledge


It is known to local as the city of knowledge referring to religious, Islamic studies home to known contemporary Islamic philosophers such as Ayotollah Yazdi and it also home to many foreign students from all around the world and walk of life studying in many madrasas and universities such Almustafa University where its main branch is located in the city as well. It is indeed the center of learning when it comes to Shism.

Qom is located between Tehran and Isfahan to the south. Local or international tourist will pass through this city when choosing car over air transportation. It is the seventh largest city in Iran. It is situated on the banks of the Qom River. It is also the home of holy shrine of Fateme masom (sa) the sister of the 8th shia imam in Mashhad. The city also is ideal for local and international tourist alike. Most of the tourist arrive in Iran for pilgrimage who are visiting Mashhad, they are also visiting this city for ziarat and shopping of local goods such as “Sohan” a flat sweet biscuit made of pistachios and saffron .

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