Iran Visa

Foreign nationals must apply for a visa to enter Iran and enter the country if approved.

Nationals of Canada, UK and US need to have full time local guide and provide complete itinerary.

Types of Iran visas

There are different types of Iran visa that are issued according to the purpose of the applicant’s trip.

Entry visa (type A visa)

This visa is issued for all types of business, research, sports, business, etc. trips. Applicants for this type of visa include embassies, organizations, government companies, private companies and people who have valid and reliable invitations and for things like signing contracts, negotiations, investments, official meetings, participation in scientific and cultural seminars, sports competitions, etc. They travel.

Documents required for type A visa:

Completing the visa application form
Valid invitation letter from the requesting institution
Possible interview at the embassy

Tourist visa (type B visa)

It is the most common type of Iran visa that is requested by tourists for leisure trips.

The validity period of tourist visa is 2 months and the duration of stay in Iran is 30 days. This visa can be extended.

Documents required to receive a tourist visa:

Complete the application form
Passport scan
Photo scan
Travel program
Hotel reservation watcher
A round-trip ticket

Pilgrimage visa (type C visa)

Many Muslims around the world travel to the two pilgrimage cities of Mashhad and Qom just for the purpose of pilgrimage. Pilgrimage visas are issued only to Muslims, and non-Muslims who intend to visit these two cities must apply for a type B visa.

Documents required for pilgrimage visa type C

Completing the visa application form
Possible interview at the embassy

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