How much is 1 USD in Iran?

By: Asal Rezvani (JSI2435)

Hello guys, I’m Asal from Jaziresafar travel agency with another questions about currency of Iran that I want to answer them.

  1. How much is U$D1 in Iran?
  2. Why is Iranian Rial so cheap?
  3. Taman or Rial is used in Iran?
  4. What can we do with $100 in Iranian Toman?

As you know the currency of Iran is Rial, which is not used due to its low value that people of Iran use Toman instead of Rial which is abbreviated as IRR.

In fact, Rial is a Spanish and Portuguese word that means Empire which was promoted in 1176 AD.

Common Iranian banknotes are 5,000 / 10,000 / 20,000 / 50,000 / 100,000 Rials and Iranian check banknotes are 500,000 and 1,000,000 Rials.

There are also some coins that are gradually being used so if I want to say the Iranian Rial based on the Dollar, today each US Dollar is equals to 400,000 rials or 40,000 Tomans. If you walk in the street or restaurant do not be surprised because using Toman is easier than Rial so that 1 Toman is 10 Rial.

The most important reason for the devaluation of money is inflation, which decreases the value of money over time.

Basically, Iran’s currency has a low monetary value due to inflation and economic sanctions by some governments.

I should say, today 28 Jan 2023, $100 is almost 40,000,000 Rial (4,000,000Toman).

If I want to talk about travelling to Iran I would say with certainty that travelling to Iran is an exciting trip at a very low cost. As my last passenger told me “I still cannot believe that Iran have a lot of fantastic places to visit like Isfahan, Shiraz, etc. With low cost to travel” and also he mentioned that in the future he will visit Iran again. Philip was an Italian whom I am really happy to have met him.

As I said travelling to Iran is one of the cheapest travel you could have, for example the daily cost, including lunch, dinner, and coffee can be calculated as a minimum of $25.

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