Ali Qapu

By Mr.Ashayeri (JSI2359)

Ali Qapo Palace (the original name of Alaqapo) is a building that was actually at the entrance of the Safavid government house and had a simple shape at the beginning, over time and during the reign of Shah Abbas, floors were added to it, and during the reign of Shah Abbas II, a pillared porch was added to it. . This building is located on the west side of Naqsh Jahan Square and in front of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. Its height is 48 meters and it has 6 floors that can be reached by spiral staircases. What has made Ali Qapo to be among the magnificent and exquisite works of the Safavid era, are the miniatures that are the work of the famous Safavid era artist Reza Abbasi, as well as the stucco paintings on the last floor of the Ali Qapo Palace, whose hall is also called “Music Room” or “Sound Room”. . Shah Abbas used to watch polo matches and shows in Naqsh Jahan Square from the balcony of Ali Qapo, he also dealt with the affairs of the state and issued the necessary laws in Ali Qapo. Another use of this palace is to welcome special guests of the king.

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