Amir Chakhmaq Complex

By Mr.Ashayeri (JSI2428)

Amirchakmaq Square is the name of a square in Yazd city. The Amirchakmaq complex of Yazd includes a bazaar, a market, a mosque, and two reservoirs that date back to the Timurid period. Amir Chaqmaq’s pillar in 1330 and Amir Chaqmaq Mosque were registered in the list of national monuments of Iran in 1341. Amir Chaqmaq Square is considered one of the most significant historical and touristic complexes in Yazd city.
Amir Jalal al-Din Chaqmaq, one of the generals and princes of Timurid Shahrukh in the 8th century when he was the ruler of Yazd, built a complex consisting of tekiya, square, public bath, caravanserai, monastery, aqueduct and cold water well to make Yazd prosperous and in this work His wife Fatemeh Khatoon (known as Seti Fatemeh), whose tomb is located on the northern side of Arsen Amir Chakmaq, helped him.
The restoration of the tiling of this historical building was done by the master Mohammad Ali Fallahati of Merost. Unfortunately, there is no name or sign of this outstanding architect in this huge building.

Amir Chaqmaq’s support was registered in the list of national monuments in 1330 AH with number 383 and Amir Chaqmaq mosque in 1341 with independent number 247. Also, these buildings and other additions have been registered as Amirchakmaq collection with number 2416.

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