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By: A. Rezvani (JSI2321)
Shiraz is a city in south-central Iran and the fifth largest and most populated city on it. Shiraz is located in southwestern Iran on the Dry River.
The national and international fame of Shiraz city with its old customs and warm-hearted, well-spoken people and fun-loving people attracts the attention of every traveler.
The customs
The people of Shiraz have special and diverse customs, the most interesting of which is the orange tree wedding “in this way, if the spring orange tree has few oranges, the owner of the house invites her neighbors and they hold a wedding ceremony for the tree, and they believe that this tree will be fertile the next year.”
Shiraz cabbage pilaf, pomegranate soup, Desserts such as Shiraz faludeh, Shiraz salad and Musca, cheese sugar, and Yokheh bread are some of the famous dishes of Shiraz.
The Weather
In general, this city has hot and dry summers and relatively mild winters, Shiraz has a moderate climate which is quite pleasant and cool in the spring season with a spring wind. The best time to travel to Shiraz is late April to early May.
This city, having various tourist attractions, has different accommodations from fancy hotels to beautiful and traditional eco-tours.
Like Shiraz Grand Hotel, Zandiyeh Hotel or Haft Rang Mansion eco-tourism resort.
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About the author
Hello, I am Asal, I am 22 from Iran, when I was a kid always liked to travel around the world and try new food, acquainted with different culture and people etc, so I studied tourism management. Also I worked in a tourism agency( JAZIRE SAFAR IRANIYAN ).
In fact, when I first traveled to Shiraz and read about its history, I became interested in creating this article for travel lovers because of its many attractive attractions.
I hope you enjoy it.

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