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Iran Winter Paradise Qeshm Island offers warmer weather during winter time in Iran with nice beaches and natural attractions…
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Qeshm tours


itinerary highlights

HaraQT01“Hara”, which is a sea forest with Mangrove trees, growing in salty water. “Hara” is where 1.5% of world’s birds and 25% of Iran’s birds migrate to, annually. You can see the mangrove trees and different kinds of birds by renting a boat and moving between the little islands covered with mangrove trees and other southern plants.
Stars valleyQT02Darreye-setaregan” (Stars valley) ,which is a vast area full of weird natural sand towers shaped by the wind, is a unique attraction of Qeshm Island. According to a local myth the shape of this land is the cause of a star falling down on the ground. Strolling between these sand towers will give you a surreal feeling.
  • Inclusion: Hotel with breakfast, transfers, group guide day tour QT01 or QT02 or mixed and all entrances fee as in itinerary.
  • Important notes: Tour programs based on normal condition, changes in time table, itineraries are possible before and during the tour.

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