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Iran luxury tours

Kashan Borojerdi house



We have several packages to accommodate almost any need.
Our Iran vip and hospitality tour is one of them.






Iran luxury tours


This tour is for those travelers who wants comfort, smooth and hassle-free travel. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in this tour. Cities are included but not limited to Tehran, Isfahan, or Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz and Ahvaz.


Usually and considering the normal condition, tour starts in Tehran. Then Isfahan, or Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz and then head toward the south west of Iran to visit Ahwaz and nearby attractions and normally we return back to Tehran where you can take your time to visit some other parts of Tehran attractions at leisure on your own.


4-5 star hotel accommodation, private tour leader, vip roundtrip airport transfers, local flights, vip bus/train, day tour.

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Prices vary. Group and private rates are available.


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