Iran budget tours

Tour Description:

It is an organized Iran tours for travelers who wants to cover as much as their budget and adventurist ego can go and explore more of Iran destinations buy cutting down expenses without compromising comfort and easiness of travelling around Iran but certainly they are not American, Canadian or British. All meals at your own. In this tour, cities included are but not limited to Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz and Ahvaz.

This type of tour tailored and produced with the active participation of the tourist itself – some component or element of the tour is partly done by each party involved. All depends on the agreed term and conditions.


Basically tour starts in Tehran. Then Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz and then head toward the south west of Iran to visit Ahwaz and nearby attractions and normally you return back to Tehran to complete your trip around Iran where you can take your time to visit some other parts of Tehran attractions at leisure on your own.

Covid-19 safety orders by the related authorities must be observed at all times any where. Please be guided accordingly.


Guesthouse, 1 or 2 star hotel, bus/train accommodation, tour guide optional, bus/train tickets, and non-private transfer fees to-from public transport bus/train station, half-day tour.

Priced from: 430 USD per person


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How much does budget Iran tour cost for a week or more a family of 4?

Be it your visa, hotel, transportation or tailor-made tour packages. That is, knowing how much do they cost is good but not enought- the question is how are you gonna pay?

Be it cultural, historical, adventure, medical, sport, religious, special interest or mixed tours, we have several Iran tour packages to accommodate your Iran travel need. Our Iran budget tour is one of them. But before that, you may please consider these 3 tips prior to your Iran trip.

TRAVELING MAKES YOU FAR HAPPIER. The memories of your traveling experience continue to supply you with happiness.
​Traveling makes you far happier than any material wealth ever does. – Psychologist.

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