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Hagematane Hamedan, meaning “place of gathering”, “place of gathering” was the capital of the Medes, the summer capital of the Achaemenids, and satrap of the Medes from the Achaemenids to the Sassanids. The Greeks called hegemonic ecbatane.
This ancient city was the first capital of Iran and along with Athens in Greece, Rome in Italy and Susa in Khuzestan, it is one of the few ancient cities in the world that is still alive and important. Herodotus considered this city built by Diaco and said that it had seven walls, each of which was the color of one of the planets.
Encyclopaedia Iranica mentions the founding of Medes in 708 BC as the center of Hagmetane and by Diaco.
In 550 BC, Ishtovigo, king of the Medes, was defeated by Achaemenid Cyrus, and his followers hegemonically conquered Cyrus.
In 330 BC, Darius III was killed and hegemonically conquered. Also, Persepolis was destroyed by Alexander the Great and the Achaemenid rule ended.

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