Paradise Garden of Shiraz – The Eram Garden

Eram Garden means Paradise Garden

This famous Garden of Heaven located on the same address opposite Shiraz Medical University – the very same university that housed foreign students 20 years ago for free when they traveled to Shiraz for their annual Norooz tour, I was lucky and proud to be part of that tour –unfortunately I don’t have camera and there was no smart phone at that time. Those were the days!

Let’s go back to Eram Garden. May be its just a simple garden local tourist may think of – a place for a family to cool off in a hot summer day or a couple enjoying the whole romantic atmosphere or young ones and senior alike simply going for a walk but there is so much more to that – Eram garden is one of those gardens in Iran that shows an important interchange of human values – the word Paradise we know is from the Persian root word “Pardis”.

Bagh-e Eram literally translated as Garden of Heaven named after a legendary garden called Iram in southern arabia accidently discovered by a merchant looking for his lost camel in the desert near Aden built by order of Shaddad, an arab king.

Eram Garden is one among the nine gardens, selected from various man-made tourist attractions of Iran, by UNESCO the physical evidence representing the diverse forms of garden existed over the centuries and in different climatic conditions and era – from Cyrus the great down to the Qajarid dynasty.

Eram Garden represents a masterpiece of human creative genius. Just imagine how the engineers at that time with limited technological advantage as we have today combined natural elements with man-made components that created this unique artistic achievement that reflects the ideals of art, philosophical, symbolic and religious concepts for many centuries to come. Indeed Eram Garden is one of those gardens in Iran that materializes the concept Paradise on Earth – associated with other forms of art contributed to certain visual features and sound effects that penetrates Iranian way of life and its artistic expressions – that touches literature, poetry, music, and calligraphy and their famous carpet design.

Eram Garden is an outstanding example of a type of garden design achieved by utilizing natural and human elements and integrating significant achievements of Persian culture into a physical and symbolic-artistic expression in harmony with nature. Indeed, an exceptional and unique testimony of Iranian brilliancy.

I paid money and so much attention this time. But this time around is totally unique because I’m with my Iranian family. Because of Covid-19 we visitors are not allowed to inside the building. So we just enjoy the sounding and the garden itself and the royal atmosphere.

Don’t leave Shiraz without paying a visit to this paradise city.

Normally we always include Eram Garden and it is the main part of our Shiraz city tour package highlights. If you are traveling to Shiraz for the first time try to use the service of a travel agency or a local tour guide. Not otherwise if you just want to pass by and take a few photo souvenirs.

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Naufar Ganih is the Chairman of JazireSafar Tour and Travel Services Co., Ltd., based in Tehran, IRAN. 

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