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Cost of living in Iran

Just in case you are interested to know the cost of living in Iran, this page is dedicated to function and do just that. Prices shown in the table below varies from time to time and from one area to another, some item has a fixed prices that comes with price tag or digitally printed and depending on the spending habits of people according to their areas where they live and their income and the "rate of exchange" or ROE. For example, 1 kilo of banana may cost about 41,000 rials in the government-controlled fruit and vegetable market locally called bazar-e miveh-o-tarebar, may cost about 50,000 rls to 60,000 rials in the other local fruit shops. Or  a non-furnished apartment rental could be more than doubled if not tripled in the northern side of Tehran compared to southern part of the city. While the foreign currencies such as Euros, US dollar and gold trading has an impact on basic commodities' prices as well.

Regardless of your choosen lifesytle, you will opt to spend some money on the following item though not limited to: Or take for example the internet usage and simcard. There are more than two internet/simcard providers in Iran competing with each other such Shatel, Parsonline, Hamrah avval, Rightel, Irancell and offering different range of packages, prices and options. You can choose one that suits your daily or monthly needs.

Item Price in IR USD PHP
Banana (1kg) 41,000 1 51
Apples (1kg) 28,000 7 35
Rice (5kg) 1,690,000 41 2,000
Gasoline (1 liter) 10,000 0.25 12
Eggs (regular) (12) 82,500 2.25 103
Local Cheese (1kg) 31,500 0.78 37
Chicken Breast (Boneless, Skinless), (+-1kg) 164,619 40 2,057
Beef Meat (+-1kg) 213,268 53 2,665
Minced Beef 1.465 kg 485,030 12 600
Milk (regular), (1 liter) 26,000 0.65 32
Fresh Local Bread (sanggak) 16,000 0.40 20
Cinema, Local Release, 1 Seat 120,000 3 150
Meal for 3 People, Mid-range Service-Restaurant 1,200,000 30 1,500
Meal, Inexpensive No-service Restaurant 1 order 60,000 1.5 75
Rent Apartment (2 bedroom) southwest area 12,000,000 300 15,000
Buy Apartment (2 bedroom) southwest area 5,000,000,000 1,250,000 6,250,000
Fast Food Meal for 3 People 490,000 12.25 612
10 Gigabyte Internet 260,000 6.5 325
 Baguette bread 15,000 0.37 19
 1 cim card (Irancell) 200,000 5 250
Hair Cut 250,000 6.25 313
Family Shower Towel 681,375 17 850
Small Toothpaste (Signal) 33,000 0.81 91
Young coconut (Buko) 150,000 3.75 187


So far we based our calculation on the rate of exchange of 1USD which is equivalent to about 40,000 IRR. And since one US Dollar is equivalent to 50 PH Pesos hence, by dividing 4,000 by 50 we get 80. If you are a living in the Philippines and want to know how much is the banana per kilo in Iran which is 4,100 toman that is about 51 pesos.


In Iran the official currency is called rials (Iranian Rials) but the people counting their money in toman by removing 1 zero. Thus, 10,000 rials becomes 1,000 toman.

When to use to rials or toman? The answer is everywhere and at all times in Iran but every time you hear toman just remove one zero. Always pay using calculator.

This page and the above table is being updated…


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