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Alisadr Water Cave is the face and prestigious image of Hamedan province the center of Iran’s civilization and ancient history. The same is hold true when we speak about Paris, Eiffel Tower comes to our mind, likewise the Pyramid of Egypt, Great Wall of China and many more world iconic tourism sites.

I have been to Alisadr Water Cave three times and each time with different experience and better than the other but complimentary to each visit. The year of my visit are 1997, 2017, and the latest 2022.

The first one when I was just a student at the Imam Khomeini International University in the city of Ghazvin. The second time around I have got already a 11 year old Daughter and the latest one with my 15 year old daughter and a 4 year old son.

It is very easy to ‘Google’ nowadays almost anything! You’ll get ten of hundred if not thousands of information. But what I want to share with you is something can not be found in google. It is not about my unique experience because yours will be a unique one for sure!

I want to share with you my unique insight and appreciations that have been accumulated over the years due to my extensive travel around Iran and I found out that the Alisadr Water Cave is one of those concepts behind the famous Persian Gardens.

Alisadr Water Cave is the manifestation of the mother of nature’s hand at work. The in and outflows of water inside Alisadr Cave is what makes the Alisadr Water Cave a living natural phenomenon. A living natural wonder in a sense of abundance. The existence of the source of life which is the water inside the cave for over a 190 milliion years now.

If you’ve been to those or just one of those famous Persian Gardens such as the Fin Garden of Kashan, Chehel Soton of Isfahan, Shahzad in Mahan, Kerman and the Eram Garden of Shiraz or the Golestan Palace in Tehran, you can see it is typical in Persian Gardens the presence of fond ‘huz” contain or holds water that outsourced naturally from the melted snow or rainfalls – channeled in many ways one could think of.

This shows the relationship of man and nature. If we were to live in a cave, I can say the Alisadr Water Cave is the most luxurious settlement man can live and dwell in. The continues in and out flows of water makes it odorless and clean that one can purify oneself and at the same time makes the atmosphere inside so pleasant in the hot summer, safe and comfortable during the cold winter.

That is why for me Alisadr Water Cave is truly a natural wonders that one cannot ignore if s/he want to appreciate the creation of the Almighty in which we are part of that same creation.

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